Core Team and General Consortium

The Core Team and the General Consortium together form the Consortium of HELM, that is its Beneficiaries. The Core Team members lead the individual Tasks of the project and they conduct the project monitoring loops jointly with the project co-ordinator. 

Core Team    
Environment Agency Austria EAA Austria
Czech Environmental Information Agency CENIA Czech Republic
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE Finland
Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing FOMI Hungary
European Centre for Research and Financing EUCRF Israel
Geoville Environmental Services GEOVILLE LUX Luxembourg
Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute NFLI Nowway
Portuguese Geographic Institute IGP Portugal
National Geographic Institute IGNE Spain
European Topic Centre Spatial information and Analysis ETC-SIA Europe
European Forestry Institute EFI Europe
General Consortium    
Research- and Technology Transfer FOTEC Austria
Flemish Geographical Information Agency FGIA Belgium
Remote Sensing Application Centre RESAC Bulgaria
GISAT S.R.O. GISAT Czech Republic
French National Mapping Agency IGNF France
Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy BKG Germany
Informus INF Germany
National Land Survey LMI Island
Institute for Environmental Protection and Research ISPRA Italy
European Academy Bozen/Bolzano EURAC Italy
Stichting Service for Agricultural Research ALTERRA Netherlands
Danube Delta National Institute for Res. and Developm. DDNI Romania
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN Switzerland
Swiss Federal Inst. Forest, Snow, Landscape Research WSL Switzerland
Specto Natura SN UK